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As we age our joints have to put up with a lot of wear and tear. As athletes and weightlifters, this issue is multiplied when we put in hardcore workouts. It is important to take care of our joints or you will start noticing gradual problems with your elbows, wrists, knees, shoulders, and other body parts. Another big issue is inflammation that develops in those joints, along with them drying out.

If this occurs tiny injuries can rapidly turn into major chronic lifelong problems. It is important to not ignore the joints!

N2bm understands the hardcore lifter/athlete's struggles with this and developed a product called N2jointrx. It can be used daily to help with your joint health both as a preventative supplement and also something you can use when you notice problems. N2jointrx is very different from other joint supplements because it was developed for the serious lifter BY a serious lifter. It is a combination of the best joint support supplements on the market and the dosages are strong enough for even the highest level bodybuilders who lift every day.

N2jointrx contains vitamins and minerals that you are likely not getting enough of in your daily diets. Without these, you will not be able to repair injuries and joints.


N2jointrx also contains what we feel are the best and potent ingredients to help your joints get plenty of relief. Glucosamine sulfate is considered the most well known because it can help rebuild bone and prevent cartilage wear and tear.


Hyaluronic acid- Considered a natural moisturizer it will help lubricate the joints like oil in an engine, this is a must for those who play sports or lift weights.
MSM- One of the most popular supplements to fight arthritis and inflammation. It will help make your joints feel good. Chrondroitin sulfate- Found around our joints and is in cartilage. Many older athletes have cartilage loss, so it is important to use this supplement early on. Chromium- Helps speed up recovery.

Cissus Quadrangularis extract- An antioxidant that will heal bones faster.
Copper- Great for improving flexibility and avoiding preventable injuries.
These all work together in synergy to provide you with amazing joint protection and repair.

N2jointrx serving size is 5 tablets and each bottle has 30 servings. The recommended dosage is 5
tablets a day.