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Did you know that creatine is a cheap and safe supplement that you can safely use daily to cover an athlete or bodybuilder's needs? Our product called Ancient Strength is a combination of 3 high-quality creatines all in 1 formula that you can depend on and was designed to be easy to take. Creatine is an important amino acid that our bodies produce naturally, which is also in many foods we eat like eggs, meat, fish, and other animal based products.

It is used by many weight lifters and bodybuilders because it will prevent the muscles from fatiguing as fast as it normally would. It also refuels ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to the body, helping give you more energy and providing a more efficient way to obtain phosphates. This is why people report better recovery, energy, and muscle repair when using creatine products vs. other supplements commonly sold.


Creatine is also very safe to use. It is allowed in professional sports, college sports, and other organizations due to it being already naturally found in the body and many foods we eat. In fact, studies have shown 'no evidence of deleterious effects in healthy individuals'


When you lift weights you are breaking down the muscle fibers and the faster you can recover the quicker you can be back in the gym or track. Ancient strength creatine can help with muscle recovery, muscle size, more endurance, more strength, and less catabolism. Simply adding Ancient strength daily can help you reach your fitness goals.

Ancient strength is different from other brands because:
1. No need to mix. It comes in easy to swallow tablets.
2. Does not contain sweeteners or dyes.
3. It contains 3 types of creatine with the perfect synergy

Each serving of three tabs contains:
Creatine Monohydrate Powder 4800 mg
We added just the right amount to our formula, enough to get a huge benefit but not too much where it would cause stomach upset or bloat.
Creatine Alphaketoglutarate 51 mg Transports more creatine into the muscle cells and is a perfect complement to the formula Creatine Pyruvate 150 mg, helps boost plasma levels of creatine overall.

Serving: 3 tablets
90 tabs per bottle
You get a 30 day supply if you take 1 serving per day

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Kenneth Petty
Great stuff

I'm pretty happy so far !